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Time Author Title Presentation as PPT Presentation as PDF
Section I: Theory
Chair: Andreas Witt
09.00-09.40 Dan Cristea and Cristina Butnariu Hierarchical XML representation for heavily annotated corpora Original presentation as PDF
09.40-10.20 Hagen Langer, Harald Lüngen and Petra Saskia Bayerl Towards Automatic Annotation of Text Type Structure: Experiments using an XMLAnnotated Corpus and Automatic Text Classification Methods Original presentation as PDF
10.20-11.00 Peter Fankhauser and Elke Teich Multiple perspectives on text using multiple resources: experiences with XML processing
Section II: Applications I
Chair: Ulrich Heid
11.30-12.10 Stefanie Dipper, Lukas Faulstich, Ulf Leser and Anke Lüdeling Challenges in Modelling a Richly Annotated Diachronic Corpus of German Original presentation as PDF
12.10-12.50 Emanuele Pianta and Luisa Bentivogli Annotating Discontinuous Structures in XML: the Multiword Case Original Presentation as PDF
Section III: Applications II
Chair: Peter Wittenburg
14.00-14.40 Marion Freese Enabling xComForTable Mapping to the Linguistic Annotation Framework Original presentation as PDF
14.40-15.20 X. Artola, A. Díaz de Ilarraza, N. Ezeiza, K. Gojenola, A. Sologaistoa and A. Soroa EULIA: a graphical web interface for creating, browsing and editing linguistically annotated corpora Original presentation as PDF
Section IV: Software
Chair: Amy Isard
16.00-16.40 Stefanie Dipper, Michael Götze and Manfred Stede Simple Annotation Tools for Complex Annotation Tasks: an Evaluation Original presentation as PDF
16.40-17.20 Peter Wittenburg, Hennie Brugman, Daan Broeder and Albert Russel XML-Based Language Archiving Original presentation as PDF
17.20-18.00 Thomas Schmidt Transcribing and annotating spoken language with EXMARaLDA Original presentation as PDF